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  • Zhao Baoku

    branch secretary

    Comrade Zhao Baoku firmly believes in Marxism. As long as it is needed by the party and the company, he has no complaints and resolutely obeys. He always requires himself to be an excellent Communist Party member. Since joining Microdiag, he has been engaged in research and development, production, procurement, and market management, and has won various honors in different positions. He has presided over and participated in the development of new products such as nucleic acid extraction and purification instrument and automatic chemiluminescence instrument, which are key instruments of the company. The nucleic acid extraction and purification instrument has been awarded the "Second Grade of Zhongnanshan Science and Technology Innovation"; Weizhenbio Bioengineering Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the group company, was established In the early stage, he assisted the company in coordinating the site selection for production sites and obtaining policies, and was responsible for the construction of the first phase of the plant; during the epidemic, he was responsible for the material security of the company's plastic casings, providing support for the company's important project production work; after serving as market management, Lead the team to overcome various difficulties including the impact of the epidemic, proactively connect with customers, develop markets, and achieve steady growth in sales revenue. Won the Nomination Award for the Top Ten Entrepreneurship Stars in Xuancheng and the title of Xuancheng Craftsman.

  • Zhai Tao

    Branch committee members

    Comrade Zhai Tao joined Microdiag in July 2013. From technical support, technical service, product specialist, and product manager all the way, he is mainly engaged in market planning and academic promotion in the direction of early cancer screening, early diagnosis and accurate monitoring of the group.

  • ​Sun Aijuan

    Outstanding member

    Comrade Sun Aijuan joined the Communist Party of China in June 2010. She is a postgraduate student of Soochow University and is currently the director of Weizhenbio Reagent Research and Development Center. Resolutely support the leadership of the Communist Party, consciously practice the core socialist values, maintain absolute loyalty to the party, strive to fulfill the oath of joining the party, maintain a high degree of consistency with the party central committee, have a firm political stance, work steadfastly, and strictly demand oneself, be strict with oneself, and be generous to others. Pay attention to the improvement of their comprehensive quality and play an exemplary role everywhere. After joining the job, the work attitude is correct, diligent and hard-working, serious and responsible in the work, and able to do it. In work practice, try to play the exemplary role of party members, work conscientiously and responsibly, have solid business ability, have corresponding work experience and R&D skills, and propose solutions to problems encountered in the project. As the main participant, complete the company's ctDNA-PCR Build a testing technology platform and complete related product development.

  • Song Ruhui

    Outstanding member

    Comrade Song Ruhui joined the Communist Party of China in 2018. In July 2019, he joined Jiangsu Microdiag Biopharmaceutical Co., Ltd. as a research and development engineer. Since he was the project leader, he has been strict with himself as a member of the Communist Party, working hard, fulfilling his duties, and treating others with sincerity. In their daily work, they also actively learn to strengthen their political awareness, take the initiative to play the exemplary leading role of party members, do ordinary things in ordinary positions, and do their best to complete their work.

  • Chen Yaqi

    Outstanding member

    Comrade Chen Yaqi joined Microdiag in August 2020 as a R&D engineer. As a young party member, keep in mind the purpose of the party, always maintain the advanced nature of the party members, and love their work. She earnestly fulfills her job responsibilities, strictly demands herself, and continuously improves her professional ability to accumulate experience.

  • Li Zhanzheng


    Li Zhanzheng was honorably selected as a party activist of Jiangsu Weizhen Biomedical Technology Co., Ltd. in May 2018. In more than half a year of training and study, he clarified the political mission and responsibilities of contemporary party members, and mastered the basic knowledge of developing party members. and the basic materials that should be possessed, further improved the understanding of the party's guiding ideology, and deeply understood the importance of taking the three representatives as the guiding ideology. Through in-depth study in the Microdiag, the comrade's understanding of the requirements for joining the party gradually changed from hazy to clear, and he understood that not only must the conditions for joining the party be created in the study, but also must be constantly summed up and improved in practice. qualified party members. Since being selected as an activist, Li Zhanzheng has always been strict with himself in accordance with the standards of party members, and has always shown a vanguard and exemplary role among colleagues around him. In September 2021, he has been absorbed by the Microdiag branch as a reserve party member.

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