Strategic layout
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  • Value-Driven Innovation

    Adhering to the dual drive of "technical innovation" and "clinical value", with "new markers / underlying technologies / key raw materials / automatic instruments” research and development and industrialization as the core, is committed to providing innovative solutions for the diagnosis of malignant tumors, neurodegenerative diseases and major infectious diseases!

  • 20+ new diagnostic products are on the market one after another

    20+ exclusive diagnostic products have been developed, 6 Class III products have been approved for marketing, 2 Class II products (technical authorization) have been approved for marketing, 2 Class II instruments have been approved for marketing, 5 are under NMPA registration review, 7 During 2022-2023, it is planned to start domestic registration clinical trials of 10+ new products, of which >3 products have achieved registration applications in the United States and other countries.

  • Adhere to the original intention, the pursuit of excellence team

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    Address: Building 16, Northwest District, Suzhou Nano City, No. 99, Jinji Lake Avenue, Suzhou Industrial Park, Jiangsu Province