Strategic layout
  • Development strategy
  • Product strategy
  • Technology strategy
  • Talent strategy
  • International strategy
  • Self-made key raw materials

    High affinity recombinant antibodies, humanized or bispecific antibodies, eukaryotic antigens, traceable reference materials, engineered exosome standards, CTC standards, library building reagents, UMI linkers, key reaction enzymes, specific magnetic beads, Modified fillers, etc.

    —— Solve the problem of "stuck neck" without suitable raw materials for industrialization, uncontrollable quality, high cost, long supply cycle and single source.

  • The accumulation of underlying application technology

    Extraction-free high-efficiency lysate technology,

    High temperature and high salt rapid vulcanization technology,

    Urine mRNA storage and transportation technology at room temperature,

    Ultra-long-term storage technology of reagents at room temperature,

    DNA/RNA co-extraction technology,

    Rapid and efficient separation technology of exosomes,

    Specific exosome targeted capture technology,

    Integrated reaction sealing consumable device,

    Exosome membrane protein detection technology,

    Antibody effective epitope prediction technology, etc.

    —— Solve problems that are difficult to solve with conventional solutions, and can only be fundamentally solved by overcoming the underlying technology

  • Product Transformation of Common Technologies

    High sensitivity ultra-ARMS with ctDNA point mutation;

    Second-generation cfDNA methylation-specific amplification technology;

    Urine mRNA capture and RNA one-step detection;

    Exosome enrichment, targeted capture and integrated detection;

    Chromosome variation and mutation combined with PanelNGS sequencing and analysis;

    On-site inspection and self-test of nucleic acid for anti-pollution constant temperature amplification, etc.

    —— Advances in high-sensitivity, high-accuracy micro-detection technology, rapid inspection and self-inspection technology in special environments, and technology that greatly simplifies operation steps without compromising detection performance are moving towards faster, more accurate, more convenient, cheaper, and more efficient. Humanization efforts.

  • Integrated design

    The underlying technology, core technology, and supporting equipment may be the parallel work of different teams or personnel. How to complete the integrated product design and realize that the result is the finished product requires a rigorous overall framework design and a continuous revision path to avoid failure or rework.

    —— The organic integration of technical devices is the key to integration

  • Process scale up

    Most of the new products born by relying on new technologies are not mature products, and need to be repeatedly polished and continuously optimized in the process of process amplification and practical application.

    —— A creative process amplification technical team is a must for platform enterprises

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