Strategic layout
  • Development strategy
  • Product strategy
  • Technology strategy
  • Talent strategy
  • International strategy
  • Multiple varieties, multiple technology platforms

    Covers a variety of major diseases

  • Focus on First-in-class and

    Best-in-class products

  • Real-time tracking and application of

    advanced technologies,

    Establish the underlying technology

    transformation platform,

    Establish a product pipeline with

    core intellectual property rights

  • Layout First-in-class、Best-in-class
    Property Have core property rights and have a deep moat
    Tumor Multiple varieties, 6 have been listed, 7 clinical and NMPA approval stages, 15 to be registered type test/clinical stage

    Internationally leading, complete categories, covering the entire process of tumor diagnosis.

    The main product lines include molecular (PCR, NGS), protein (Elisa, chemiluminescence, POCT), exosome (mRNA, miRNA and protein)

    Non-tumor AD blood screen 5 test, AD cerebrospinal fluid 5 test, POCT 27 cytokine combination, liver status sH2a, hepatocyte injury ASGR1, early warning of nephropathy complicated FGF23, etc.
    Nucleic acid rapid detection products, such as new crown, Streptococcus pneumoniae, Chlamydia pneumoniae, HIV, etc.
    Instrument Mac-S POCT chemiluminescence instrument, single self-test or on-site molecular rapid detection equipment
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