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  • Wang Tao

    President, Chairman

    President and Chairman of Microdiag

    Doctor of Medicine, Fudan University, Researcher
    Dr. Wang Tao is the founder of Microdiag, a professor of Soochow University (special appointment-industry direction), director of Jiangsu Tumor Molecular Diagnosis Engineering Technology Research Center, deputy director of Jiangsu Tumor Multidisciplinary Joint Diagnosis and Treatment Technology Service Center, and Jiangsu Tumor Molecule Deputy Director of the Key Laboratory of Biology and Translational Medicine, Executive Deputy Director of the Key Laboratory of Precision Medicine of Soochow University, Deputy Head of the ctDNA Technical Expert Committee of the Chinese Anti-Cancer Association Tumor Marker Professional Committee, once awarded the Suzhou Park Leading Talent and Jiangsu Province New Economy Leader Talent and other honorary titles. Dr. Tao Wang has been focusing on the research and development and industrialization of new molecular diagnostic technologies for many years, and has achieved a number of international leading achievements. He has published 19 scientific research monographs and 12 SCI books; applied for 136 invention patents, and obtained 46 authorized invention patents. Participated in 1 major national high-tech research and development plan (863 plan), 1 major international cooperation project of the Ministry of Science and Technology, presided over 1 Jiangsu major scientific and technological achievements transformation project, and 2 Jiangsu science and technology support plans.

  • Zhang Mingdong

    Chief Medical Officer, Director

    Microdiag Chief Medical Officer, Director

    Ph.D., Epidemiology, University of Iowa, Ph.D., Molecular Virology, Baylor College of Medicine

    Professor Zhang Mingdong is mainly responsible for Microdiag's medical and regulatory affairs. He used to be a researcher and scientist in the National Institutes of Health of the United States, a professor of epidemiology at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and a medical officer/epidemiologist at the FDA Center for Devices and Radiological Health; he was the director of global medical affairs and medical safety officer of Johnson & Johnson. Chief Medical Officer and Vice President of Medical and Regulatory Affairs of Boston Scientific Greater China, Chief Medical Officer of Asia Pacific and Vice President of Medical Affairs and Health Economics.

  • Jian Yang

    Vice President, Director

    Vice President, Director of Microdiag


    Mr. Jian Yang is mainly responsible for the marketing and operation of the large health sector for Microdiag. Mr. Jian Yang has practical and successful experience in marketing system construction and marketing team management, and is especially good at business communication and negotiation; in channel management, he has rich medical channel resources and comprehensive channel management capabilities.

  • He Linfu

    Vice President

    Vice President


    Dr. He Linfu is a member of the founding team of Microdiag, mainly responsible for the transformation of Microdiag products,production quality management and operation. Dr. He Linfu has accumulated rich practical experience in project research and development, industrialization, GMP certification management, product registration certification, intellectual property management, etc. He has won 6 national invention patents and published 4 SCI scientific research papers.

  • Peng Anli

    Vice President, Director

    Vice President, Director of Microdiag


    Ms. Peng Anli is mainly responsible for the investment and financing development, legal risk management, shareholders meeting/board of directors affairs for Microdiag project. He has served as a business director in Guotai Junan Securities and Huali Microdiag. He is good at company evaluation and analysis, has good sensitivity and forward-looking in project judgment, and has a strong sense of risk.

  • Bai Zhixin

    Vice president

    Vice President of Microdiag


    Mr. Bai Zhixin is mainly responsible for the marketing and operation of the product line for Microdiag hospital segment. He has held sales management positions in well-known pharmaceutical companies such as Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Yichang Dongguang, and Wu TCM. He has in-depth understanding of the pharmaceutical industry market and rich practical experience in marketing management.

  • Cong Shufen

    Financial director

    Microdiag Financial Director

    Master, Certified Public Accountant, Intermediate Accountant, Senior International Financial Manager

    Ms. Cong Shufen is mainly responsible for the financial management of Microdiag. He once served as the vice president and CFO of a listed pharmaceutical company, and has rich experience in financial management and enterprise management of pharmaceutical companies, as well as experience in capital market investment and financing.

  • Hotline: 0512-8187-9848

    Address: Building 16, Northwest District, Suzhou Nano City, No. 99, Jinji Lake Avenue, Suzhou Industrial Park, Jiangsu Province