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  • About Microdiag great health

    Microdiag Great Health is a new brand of Microdiag focusing on tumor early screening business. It is operated by Pu Shihuakang Jiangsu Medical Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Microdiag. Jiangsu Pu Shi Hua Kang was founded in 2014 and is located in Building 16, Northwest District, Suzhou Nano City, No. 99, Jinji Lake Avenue, Suzhou Industrial Park. It focuses on the popularization and application of tumor screening technology in the private medical examination and third-party medical examination market. It has gradually realized the value output transformation of "from single channel to multi-channel", "from offline to online/offline", and "from product to service".

    Currently operating NMPA-approved cancer detection products: 1) The new tumor marker "Wei Changwei®" CST4 for gastrointestinal cancer; 2) The new molecular marker "常久安®" Septin9 for blood test for colorectal cancer; 3) The only pan-cancer screening Novelty search indicator "Multispectrum" DR-70. There are also a series of "high, precise and cutting-edge" products such as the lung screening product "Lung Jiqing" independently developed by the Group, the precise cervical cancer screening product "Gong Jin Qing", and the ultra-early screening of multiple tumor liquid biopsy "pre MeD". New pipeline.

    Relying on Microdiag's cutting-edge scientific research capabilities and numerous technical reserves, it will continue to strengthen its ability to introduce excellent products into the market. We will continue to build a full-platform screening product from protein to RNA to DNA, and form a product system for early prevention and early screening to meet the needs of different markets.

    At present, the business has covered the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei and other regions. The diversification of product structure enables us to serve more and more diverse customer groups; products under different price systems also allow us not only to have mature customer groups in first-tier cities, but also to have good customers in second- and third-tier cities. market acceptance. Based on the ideal of "becoming a leader in human early tumor screening", we will continue to make progress in the field of early tumor screening, so that our customers can "use and enjoy" the best quality products and services.

  • Mission

    Continue to provide early screening pilot products for healthy people

  • Vision

    Become a leader in early screening of human tumors

  • Culture

    Innovation, service, win-win

  • Slogan

    "Early Screening" Cancer Guard
    "Precision" Microdiag Navigation

  • Hotline: 0512-8187-9848

    Address: Building 16, Northwest District, Suzhou Nano City, No. 99, Jinji Lake Avenue, Suzhou Industrial Park, Jiangsu Province